Pappy's Cheeseburger Spot

Tuesday, November 8 10:09 AM
Pappy's rolled out a new line of 20 Specialty Burger the week of Nov 7, 2011. Great selection of tasty and FUN burgers!!!

Pappy's Commercial: Nov 23 - Dec 19

Tuesday, November 17 12:40 PM
Totally promotional commercial......shot in less than 30 minutes.....promoting Tenderloin Tuesday, Pappy's Prize Wheel (Thursdays) and Christmas TV Giveaway

Original Pappy's Commercial Starring "Guido"

Tuesday, November 10 3:35 PM
This commercial was filmed about 2 years ago. It brought Guido out from the radio commercial recording studio into the TV spotlight!!

Guido.....Into Yet Another Soing

Tuesday, November 10 3:24 PM

Just a Bunch of Dancing Fools at Pappy's

Tuesday, November 10 3:22 PM

Guido Loses Control.....Gets Into Salt & Pepa....for a bit

Monday, November 9 7:08 PM

Halloween Night.....20009

Monday, November 9 7:00 PM
Only at Pappy's.....Conga dancing behind the Bar......and man, can that BatGirl dance or what?? Watch the last 20 seconds for a special appearance by Wench, Da Bitch & Guido hisself!!


Tuesday, September 22 6:58 AM
This is just a taste of what we heard on St. Patty's Day last March. We are fortunate to have the Buchanan Highlanders appear at Pappy's.....for free!! All they ask for is a donation from the crowd....and Pappy's customer's did great!!

More Jello Shots & Cha Cha Slide

Wednesday, September 16 7:08 AM
It's always a great time at Pappy's when we have Karaoke. Jello Shots via Pappy's INJECTORS seems to cause people to do things in public they would never think of doing under "normal" conditions!!

So You Think You Can Dance?

Tuesday, September 15 7:10 PM
Everyone has fun at Pappy's during our Karaoke night.......so did Carrie!

Some Fun at Karaoke

Monday, September 14 9:01 AM
Pappy's has moved up to "Jello Injectors" for their now famous Jello Shots on Karaoke Night. All of the proceeds go to the United Way. This was one of many fun moments with our regulars

Anniversary Party & Karaoke: 6/13/09

Saturday, September 12 9:46 AM
Pappy edited this video from about 45 minutes of fun on our 4th Anniversary Karaoke Party in June 2009. There's a little bit of everything on here. Take a look and think about joining us for Karaoke some time.

Pappy's Best Commercial

Saturday, September 12 7:41 AM
Unquestionably, this commercial is the most well received by our Customers. Guido's "Gumbas", who come to pick up Guido's order, are played by Pappy's son, Brian and his grandson, Nick. This big question is: Does Nick (who was 12 when the commercial was made) actually drive the car away?